Basic Concept of object oriented in C++

Introduction about object oriented : There are some limitation in procedural programming due to which the object oriented programmin is develop.when we discussed about object oriented programming language then cames several concept which are listed below: 1.)  Class 2.) Object 3.) Abstraction 4.) Encapsulation 5.) Inheritance 6.) Polymorphism 7.) Dynamic Binding 8.)Massage Passing These are [...] Continue reading →

What is Object Oriented Programming in C++

Object oriented programming starts from a ‘bottom up’ principal with emphasis on the data structure with in the program rather than the control flow of the program . during the design process, the language is extended by defining new data types and new operations that directly relate to the need of the application. These objects [...] Continue reading →


  The following example illustrates the structure of C++ program: //hello.cpp (program name) // this program display the message ‘welcome to WHO’ #include<iostream.h> Void main() { Cout<<”welcome to WHO”; //message’ welcome to WHO’ is displayed } The components  of C++  program are: Comments: Comments are used for better understanding of the program statements. The comment [...] Continue reading →


  C++ is a versatile language for handling very large programs. It is suitable for virtually any programming task including development of editors, compilers, databases, communications systems any complex real life application system. Since C++ allows us to create hierarchy related objects, we can build special object-oriented libraries, which can be used later by many [...] Continue reading →


  Unstructured programming-> procedural programming->  modular programming-> object-oriented programming. Unstructured programming Usually, people start learning programming by writing small and simple programs consisting only of one main program. Here, main program stands for a sequence of commands or statements which modify data which is global throughout the whole program. In unstructured programming, the main program [...] Continue reading →


  During the late 1970s and early 1980s, C became the dominant computer programming language, and it is still widely used today. Since C is a successful language the need for something else existed because of its complexity. C++ is a response to that need. Although C is the world’s great programming language, there is [...] Continue reading →


  The fundamental idea behind object-oriented languages is to combine both data and the function into a single unit. Such a unit is called an object. An object’s functions , called member functions in C++, typically provides the only way to access it data. If you want to read a data item in an object, [...] Continue reading →

Write a program to string lowercase( ) function

 /* Write a program to string lowercase( ) function. */ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { char a[10]; clrscr(); cout<<”enter name=”; cin.get(a,10); int length=strlen(a); cout<<”length of string=”<<length; cout<<endl<<”lowercase=”<<strlwr(a); cout<<endl<<”uppercase=”<<strupr(a); getch();} /* output: enter name=VeneetA length of string=7 lowercase=veneeta uppercase=VENEETA*/ Continue reading →

Write a program to string palindrome( ) function

  /* Write a program to string palindrome( ) function*/ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { char a[10],b[10]; clrscr(); cout<<”enter one string=”; cin.get(a,10); strcpy(b,a); strrev(b); if(strcmp(a,b)= =0) cout<<”palindrom”; else cout<<”not palindrom”; getch();} /* output: enter one string=madam palindrome enter one string=harjeet not palindrome*/ Continue reading →

Write a program to string concat( ) function

  /* Write a program to string concat( )  function*/ #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { char a[10],b[]=”city”; clrscr(); cout<<”enter name=”; cin.get(a,10); int length=strlen(a); cout<<”length of string=”<<length; cout<<endl<<”uppercase=”<<strupr(a); cout<<endl<<”lowercase=”<<strlwr(a); cout<<endl<<”strcat=”<<strcat(a,b); getch(); } /* output: enter name=ajay length og string=4 uppercase=AJAY lowercase=ajay strcat=ajaycity*/ Continue reading →
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