Use of relational operator

/*Use of relational operator*/ #include<stdio.h> main() { int a,b; clrscr(); printf(“enter values of a”); scanf(“%d”,&a); printf(“enter values of b”); scanf(“%d”,&b); if((a==0)&&(b==0)) { printf(“enter valid values”); goto end; } if(a>b) printf(“a is greater”); else printf(“b is greater”); end:getch(); } Output: Continue reading →

Volume of room

/*Volume of room*/ #include<stdio.h> main() { float l,b,h,volume; clrscr(); printf(“enter the l=”); scanf(“%f”,&l); printf(“enter the b=”); scanf(“%f”,&b); printf(“enter the h=”); scanf(“%f”,&h); volume=l*b*h; printf(“volume=%f”,volume); getch(); } output: Continue reading →

Area of rectangle

/*Area of rectangle*/ #include<stdio.h> main() { float l,b,area; clrscr(); printf(“enter length and breath”); scanf(“%f%f”,&l,&b); area=l*b; printf(“area of rectangle is=%f”,area); getch(); } Output: Continue reading →
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