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Comments statement in Java

Comments statements in Java: Comment statement in Java Programming some time it is difficult to user to understand the logic applied in a program particularly when other person has developed it. In such cases, the programmer keeps mentioning the purpose and action being taken in different steps this can be made  possible only by applying […] Continue reading →

Basic Syntax

Basic Syntax: About Java programs, it is very important to keep in mind the following points. Case Sensitivity – Java is case sensitive, which means identifier Hello and hello would have different meaning in Java. Method Names – All method names should start with a Lower Case letter. If several words are used to form […] Continue reading →

JavaLibraries in Jdk 1.3

Java Libraries in JDK 1.3: The java Development Kit (JDK) contains a Java Class Library for different purposes.Some useful packages in the Java Class Library are mentioned below: 1.    Java.lang: To support classes containing String,Character,Math,Integer,Thread etc.(called by default) 2. To support classes to deal with input and output statements. 3.    Java .applet: To support […] Continue reading →

Compile execute Java a Program

//* W.A.P to print simple message class simple { public static void main(String aa[]) { System.out.println(“welcome in java”); } } save this file as To compile:-javac To execute:-java simple Output: Hello Java Let’s look at how to save the file, compile and execute the program. Please follow the steps given below: Open notepad […] Continue reading →

Structure of Java Program

//* W.A.P to print simple message class simple { public static void main(String aa[]) { System.out.println(“welcome in java”); } } Explanation of the program: class keyword is used to declare a class in java. public keyword is an access modifier which represents visibility, it means it is visible to all. static is a keyword, if […] Continue reading →

Byte code and JVM

Byte code and JVM Java is a high level programming language. The program written in java is compiled for conversion to an intermediate code called Byte code.This code is independent of the machine on which the program is to run.This makes a java program highly portable as its Bytes code can easily be transferred from […] Continue reading →

History of Java

History  of Java Java is pure object oriented programming language. It is developed by James Gosling; He is a famous software developer. He developed many compilers and mail systems. Since 1984, he has been associating with Sun Micro Systems and developed Java Programming language in 1991.He was also elected to the United States national Academy […] Continue reading →