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Objective type question of Fundamental (Number System)(Set-5)

Computer Fundamentals (Number System) Set-5 1.      A number system that uses only two digits, 0 and 1 is called the___________: a.       Octal number system          b.      Binary number system c.       Decimal number system     d.      Hexadecimal number system 2.      In which computers, the binary number are represented by a set of binary storage device such as flip […] Continue reading →

Objective type question of Number System(Set-4)

Computer Fundamentals (Number System) Set-4 1. The digital systems usually operate on ……..system. (a) binary     (b) decimal      (c) octal      (d) hexadecimal. 2. The binary system uses powers of ……..for positional values. (a) 2            (b) 10                   (c) 8              (d) 16 3. After counting 0, 1, 10, 11, the next binary number is (a) 12       (b) 100      […] Continue reading →

Objective type question of Computer Fundamental (Set-3)

Set – 3 1. UNI VAC is a. Universal Automatic Computer       b. Universal Array Computer c. Unique Automatic Computer          d. Undervalue Automatic Computer 2. CD-ROM stands for a. Compactable Read Only Memory              b. Compact Data Read Only Memory c. Compactable Disk Read Only Memory     d. Compact Disk Read Only Memory 3. ALU is a. Arithmetic […] Continue reading →