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Objective Type Question of RDBMS Set (2)

Multiple Choice Question of RDBMS                                                             Set (2) 41 E-R model uses this symbol to represent weak entity set ? (A) Dotted rectangle. (B) Diamond (C) Doubly outlined rectangle (D) None of these 42 SET concept is used in : (A) Network Model (B) Hierarchical Model (C) Relational Model (D) None of these 43 Relational […] Continue reading →

RDBMS Objective Type Question (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Question of RDBMS Set (1) 1.  In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as: (A) Number of tuples. (B) Number of attributes. (C) Number of tables. (D) Number of constraints. 2. Relational calculus is a (A) Procedural language. (B) Non- Procedural language. (C) Data definition language. (D) High level language.  3. The view […] Continue reading →