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Basic concepts of C++

Operator in C++

operator are mathematical symbols,which are used to perform some logical and mathematical calculation.operators are three types. 1) U nary operators 2) Binary operators 3) Ternary operators 1) U nary operators: In u nary  operators,we use one operand. U nary operators appear before their operand .They associate from right to left. There are two types of […] Continue reading →

Basic Data type in C++

Data type means to identify the type of data and associated operations of handling it.C++ supports a large number of data types. When we declare a variable with data type then we know that variable can hold which type of data int or float .There are two types of data type. 1)      Primitive Data type […] Continue reading →

Variable in C++

Variable are used to hold the value.We can change the value of a variable depending on the information of the program.They are not fixed.Variables are declared to be of a type.So, when we declare a variable then we use datatype like integer,float etc.These datatype show that the variable hold the integer or float value. The […] Continue reading →

Constant in C++

Constant are also known as Literals.They are fixed. We cannot change them. for example a=10; a is variable. we assign  a value 10.10 is constant we cannot change it.But we change the variable name like a,b,c.vlue cannot change .It is fixed.There are many types of constant like 1. Integer constant 2. Float and Double constant […] Continue reading →

Keywords in C++

The keywords are identifiers but cannot be user defined, since they are reserved words. So, keywords are also known as reserved words. We should not use them as variables or identifiers.All the keywords  should be in lowercase letters.Some  Keywords are: auto          const               for              new           […] Continue reading →

Identifiers in C++

Identifiers can be defined as the name of the variables and some other program elements using the combination of the following characters. Alphabets   : A to Z,   a to z Numbers      : 0  to 9 Underscore : _ Some other   :  like [],blank space,( ),*, & etc. In C++ upper case and lower case letters […] Continue reading →

Comments in C++

  Comments: Comments are used for better understanding of the program statements. The comment entries start with a // symbol and terminate at the end of the line.Comments can be add to a c++ nbprogram to improve its readability lines return after (//) is ignore by the compiler . In c++ there are two types […] Continue reading →

Structure of C++ program

STRUCTURE OF C++ PROGRAM The following example illustrates the structure of C++ program: //hello.cpp (program name) // this program display the message ‘welcome to WHO’ #include<iostream.h> void main() { Cout<<”welcome to WHO”; //message’ welcome to WHO’ is displayed } The components  of C++  program are: Comments: Comments are used for better understanding of the program […] Continue reading →