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V.B 6.0

ImageCombo Control in Visual Basic 6.0

The ImageCombo control contains a collection of ComboItem objects. A ComboItem object defines the various characteristics of an item that appears in the list portion of the control. With an ImageCombo control, you can display a list of items that includes pictures. Each item can have its own picture, or you can use the same […] Continue reading →

MonthView Control in Visual Basic6.0

A MonthView control display the current month and lets the user scroll through othe month as well .The day,month and year can be displayed using the month view control.   1.Click on “Start” . Then select “All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and  Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.” . 2. Select “Standard EXE” from the list […] Continue reading →

TreeView Control in Visual Basic 6.0

The TreeView control display a hirearchical display node object.Each node consist of label ,optional bitmap.You use this control to display the information in hierarchical tree. The TreeView control is designed to display data that is hierarchical in nature, such as organization trees, the entries in an index, the files and directories on a disk. Uses […] Continue reading →

Slider Control in Visual Basic 6.0

A Slider control consists of a scale,defined by the minimum and maximum properties and a Arrow type button,which can be used to manipulate using the mouse or arrow keys.Slider Control  is the part of Microsoft Common Controls, With the Slider control you have any way to stop the value being printed as you move the […] Continue reading →

ProgressBar control in Visual Basic6.0

A progressbar control allows you to graphically represent the progress of a transaction. It is used to inform the user about  processing. It shows the user the status of computations/processing.Number of applications, such as setups, database-driven applications, and file transfer tools, swear by progress bars. 1.Click on “Start” .Select “All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio […] Continue reading →

ToolBar control in Visual Basic6.0

A ToolBar control consisit of a collection of button objects used to create a toolbar that can be associated with an application.It has become one of the most important tools for providing an easy interface to the users.the toolbar control provides easy access to options available in your applications.A toolbar control contains acollection of buttons […] Continue reading →

StatusBar control in Visual Basic6.0

The StatusBar control is another ActiveX control.It is also available in Windows Common Controls components.With the help of StatusBar, you can easily display information about the date, time, and other details about the application and the environment to the user.  A Statusbar control is a frame that can consisit of sveral panels,which informs the user […] Continue reading →