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Getting start with Visual Basic 6.0

How to start Visual Basic6.0

You start Visual Basic from the Windows start menu. 1. Start -> program-> Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 -> Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 2. Visual Basic load and appears on your screen. 3. A dialog box similar to Figure below appears as soon as you start Visual Basic.The exact dialog box you see may differ slightly […] Continue reading →

What is Visual Basic6.0

The Visual Basic is a event driven programmin language .The Visual part reffer to the method used to create graphical user can simply drag and drop prebuilt object/tools into form window. Visual Basic allow you to develop window based application.We set properties on these object to define  their appearence and behaviour.It support many useful […] Continue reading →

This chapter introduces you to the Visual Basic environment and guides you through the creation of your first Visual Basic program. It also presents a number of important concepts that used in Visual Basic programming, such as the event-driven programming model. Continue reading →