Explain Digital Video and its advantages.

D.V is a type of recording system that works by using digital rather than a analog video signal. The terms D.V was first introduced commercially in 1986 with the Sony
D-1 format. In the context of video these images are called frames. We measure the rate at which frames are displayed in frames per second (FPS) since every frames is a bitmap digital image it comprises a raster of pixels if it has a width w pixels and a height of H pixels. We say that the frame size is W*H.

1. There is a reduced sensitivity to noise and interference.

2. Digital equipment efficiently and economically performs tasks that are difficult or impossible to perform using analog technology.

3. The digital is for superior to the old analog video and carries a lot more detail.

4. Digital files can be compressed and save much easier, taking up lots less space than tapes.

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