The modern graphics display is very simple in construction .it consist of three components.
1. Frame buffer or digital memory
2. Monitor like a home TV set
3. Display controller
1. Inside the FRAME BUFFER the image is stored as a pattern of digital numbers which represent a array of pictures elements or pixels. in the simplest case, where we want to store only black and white images, we can represent black pixels by 1’s and white 0’s in the frame buffer .therefore a array of black and white pixels of six 16*16 could be represented by32 bytes,stored in frame buffer.

3. Display Concreter passes the contents of the frame buffer to the monitor. it reads each byte of data from the frame buffer and convert its 0’s and 1’s into the corresponding video signal; this signal then Passes to the monitor produces a black and white image on the screen like the cube.
The display concreter repeats these operations 30 times a second to maintain steady picture on the monitor .if u want to modify the image then you need to modify the frame buffer’s context to represent the new pattern of pixels.

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