Some basic Terms of computer graphics

1. PIXEL:-A pixel may be defined as the smallest size object or color spot that can be displayed and addressed on a monitor. Each pixel has its own address. Pixels are arranged in a two-dimensional grid and are often represented using dot or squares.
2. RESOLUTION:-Computer monitors work by displaying a matrix of tiny clots (pixels) in a grid which make up the picture on your screen. Display resolution is simply the number of pixels your screen is displaying.
E.g. 800*600 display resolutions mean that your display is made up of 800 pixels horizontally by 600 pixels vertically.
The higher the resolution, the sharper the image. The term resolution is a often used for a pixels count in digital imaging.
3. DOT PITCH:- IS called line pitch,pixel pitch is specification for a computer display, computer printer or pixel based device that describes the distance,e.g. between that of the same color on the inside of a display screen. Dot pitch may be measured in linear unit.

4. ASPECT RATIO:-of a shape is the ration of its longer dimensions to its shorter dimension.It is the ratio between the width and height of a film image. The number denoting width comes first and the height portion of the aspect ratio is always written as 1.wide screen televisions, which have an aspect ratio of 16*9, can show most wide screen films on the entire screen. E.g. of graphics has aspect ratio of 3:2 it means that the width is thrice as large as the height.
This term is also used to describe the dimensions of a display resolution.e.g. a resolution of 800*600 has an aspect ratio of 4:3=>4 by 3

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