Creating a HTML Document step-by-step

HTML documents are plain text files.It can be created using text editors.A text editor can be used to create and edit documents that only contains text.Example of text of editor is Notepad for windows.The following are the steps for creating and displaying the web page.

(1.)First you open the Notepad Editor for this you can click on start button->All programs->Accessories->Notpad.You can also open the Notpad by typing Notpad in the run window.

(2.)The Notepad editor is open now type the HTML code like this.



<title>first web page</title>


<body>welcome to html document</body>







(3.)After typing the HTML code save the file in your folder with the extension .html.








(4.)Now open the internet explorer from start->All program->internet explorer.You can also open it using run dialog box  by typing the iexplore in the text box and then clicking ok.






(5.)The internet explorer is open click on file menu ->open as a result open dialog box appears on the screen choose the file name you want to open and click the open button.Now click on ok button.





(6)The web page will appear in the web browser you can see the title in the title bar of the browser and the content of the body tag will appear in the display area of the browser window.







(7.)If you make any change in the existing file after that you want to see the result.You can click on refresh button on the toolbar  or you can also press F5 from the keyboard to see the effect of the change made.

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