History of HTML

HTML has used for the last 15 years and has undergone a lot of improvements.The various version of HTML are:-

HTML 1.0:-The first HTML specificiation was released by Tim Berners-Lee and the CERN(Conscil European pour la Recherche Nucleare) team in 1992 was finalized in 1993.it  was a very simple language.

HTML 2.0:-It was released by IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force)in 1995 and was the first official HTML standard.It contained only few tags as compaired to latest versions of HTML.

HTML 3.0:-It was an upgraded version.It was compatible with HTML 2.0 but also provided many new tag.

HTML 3.2:-It was next version of HTML which was released by WC3(World Wide Web Consortium)in 1996.

HTML 4.0:- It was released by WC3 in 1997 with a version in 1998.It provided the backword compatibilities with older versions of HTML.It also provided support for style sheets table frame for scripting languages.HTML 4.0 was released in 1999.

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