HTML is a simple and a powerful language used to define the structure of HTML documents.It allows you to format text,images and save it as text only file that all the computers understand.The basic HTML document structure is as follows:-



<!—This section contain title—>



<!—This section contain—>




<HTML>  :-It is a root tag.It specifies the document as a webpage that can be seen in web browser.The document is enclosed within <HTML> and close </HTML> tags.This tag tells the web browser where the page start and where it end.It consist of head and body part.

<HEAD>   :-This section gives the information about the web documents.It is marked by opening tag head <HEAD> and a closing tag </HEAD>.The title of the web page gives in this tag.

<TITLE> :-This element contains the title of  HTML document.It appears on the title bar of  the browser’s window when the web page is loaded.It is open with <TITLE> tag and close with </TITLE> tag.

For example    :


<TITLE>Colorful page</TITLE>


Using the above code will make Colorfulpage as the title of the web page in the browser’s window.

<BODY>  :-The body element contains the content of the HTML document.It can be seen by the user when the page is loaded in the browser’s window.All tag used in HTML are enclosed between <BODY> and </BODY>.It has number of attributes such as BGCOLOR,BACKGROUND,LINK.ALINK,VLINK,TEXT,LEFTMARGIN,TOPMARGIN.

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