JavaLibraries in Jdk 1.3

Java Libraries in JDK 1.3:

The java Development Kit (JDK) contains a Java Class Library for different purposes.Some useful packages in the Java Class Library are mentioned below:

1.    Java.lang: To support classes containing String,Character,Math,Integer,Thread etc.(called by default)
2. To support classes to deal with input and output statements.
3.    Java .applet: To support classes to generate applet =specific environment.\
4. To support classes for network related operations and dealing with URL(uniform Resource Locator)
5.    Java.awt: To support abstract window tool kit and also to manage GUI(graphic user interface)
6.    Java.txt: For supporting text elements such as Dates,Time,Currency etc.
7.    Java. math: To supporting mathematical function such as square roots(integer and decimal both)


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