Objective type question of Fundamental (Number System)(Set-5)

Computer Fundamentals (Number System)


1.      A number system that uses only two digits, 0 and 1 is called the___________:

a.       Octal number system          b.      Binary number system

c.       Decimal number system     d.      Hexadecimal number system

2.      In which computers, the binary number are represented by a set of binary storage device such as flip flop:

a.       Microcomputer         b.      Personal computer     c.       Digital computer       d.      All of these

3.      A binary number can be converted into _________:

a.       Binary number          b.      Octal number                c.       Decimal number       d.      Hexadecimal number

4.      Which system is used to refer amount of things:

a.      Number system           b.       Number words         c.        Number symbols      d.      All of these

5.      _________are made with some part of body, usually the hands:

a.       Number words           b.      Number symbols     c.       Number gestures        d.      All of these

6.        __________are marked or written down:

a.       Number system            b.Number words    c. Number symbols             d. Number gestures

7.       A number symbol is called a ___________:

a.       Arabic numerals        b.      Numerals         c.       Both                                 d. None of these

8.      0,1,2 ,3 ,4,5,6 ,7,8 and 9 numerals are called:

a.      Arabic numerals       b.      String numerals        c.       Digit numerals                          d.      None of these

9.        How many system of arithmetic, which are often used in digital system:

a.       5         b.      6        c.       3            d.      4

10.  Which are the system of arithmetic, which are often used in digital system:

a.       Binary digit                     b.      Decimal digit

c.       Hexadecimal digit          d.      Octal digit                            e.      All of these

11.  In any system, there is an ordered set of symbols also known as___________:

a.       Digital          b.      Digit          c.       Both         d.      None of these

12.  Which is general has two parts in number system:

a.       Integer         b.      Fraction          c.       Both            d.      None of these

13.  MSD stand for:

a.      Most significant digit                                b.      Many significant digit

c.       Both a and b                                             d.      None of these

14.  LSD stand for:

a.       Less significant digit                               b.      Least significant digit

c.       Loss significant digit                               d.      None of these

15.  The _____ and ________ of a number is defined as the number of different digits which can occur in each position in the system:

a.       Base                            b.      Radix                                     c.       Both                                d.      None of these

16.  Which system has a base or radix of 10:

a.       Binary digit              b.      Hexadecimal digit            c.       Decimal digit               d.      Octal digit

17.  Each of the ten decimal digits__________:

a.       1 through 10            b.      0 through 9                       c.       2 through 11                  d.      All of these

18.  The binary number system is also called a __________:

a.       Base one system          b.      Base two system         c.       Base system       d.      Binary system

19.  The two symbols 0 and 1 are known as:

a.       Bytes               b.      Bits                        c.       Digit                    d.      All of these

20.     In which counting, single digit are used for none and one:

a.       Decimal counting                b Octal counting        c. Hexadecimal counting         d.      Binary counting

21.  In which numeral every position has a value 2 times the value f the position to its right:

a.       Decimal                   b.      Octal            c.       Hexadecimal                 d.      Binary

22.  A binary number with 4 bits is called a_________:

a.       Bit                b.      Bytes             c.       Nibble                    d.      None of these

23.  A binary number with 8 bits is called as a___________:

a.      Bytes                b.      Bits            c.       Nibble                d.      All of these

24.  In which digit the value increases in power of two starting with 0 to left of the binary point and decreases to the right of the binary point starting with power -1:

a.       Hexadecimal          b.      Decimal        c.       Binary                d.      Octal

25.  Which system is used in digital computers because all electrical and electronic circuits can be made to respond to the states concept:

a.       Hexadecimal number           b.      Binary number        c.       Octal number

d.      Decimal number


1. (b)          2. (c)      3. (c)     4. (a)        5. (c)      6. (c)        7. (b)        8. (a)         9. (d)      10. (e)       11. (b)     12. (c)

13. (a)    14. (b)    15. (c)    16. (c)    17. (b)    18. (b)       19. (b)      20. (d)      21. (d)      22. (c)      23. (a)     24. (c)   25.(b)

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