Objective Type question of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

1. To remove existing background of the document, select:

A. view, normal                              B. Tools, options
C. Edit, clear                                   D. Format, background

Answer: D

2. To type subscript character like H2O, use the following keyboard combination:

A. Ctrl+=                                         B. Alt+=

C. Ctrl+shift+=                                D. Alt+Shift+=

Answer: A

3. What is the short cut key to open table menu?

A. Alt, a                                          B. Alt, t
C. Alt, e                                          D. Alt, b

Answer: A

4. After mail merging, how many documents does Word create?

A. 1                                                 B. 2

C. 3                                                 D. 4

Answer: C

 5. To list synonyms and antonyms, select:

A. tools, options                              B. Tools, grammar
C. Insert, cross reference                D. tools, language

Answer: D

6. Where can you put page numbers?

A. header                                        B. footer

C. anywhere in the document         D. only A and B

Answer: C

 7. Which feature do you use to create Newspaper?

A. Tabs                                           B. Columns

C. Bullets and Numbering               D. Tables

Answer: B

 8. What is the WordArt?

A. text with special effect               B. a control tool box
C. a design wizard                           D. an AutoShape

Answer: A

9. You want to combine a picture of a starfish with the short story you wrote. Which of the following is the best program to do this?

A Graphics                                      B Spreadsheet

C Word processing                          D Notepad

Answer: C

 10. To show or hide specific tool from a toolbar, select:

A. view, toolbar                              B. Tools, customize
C. tools, options                              D. view, normal

Answer: B

 11. Which of the following is the best definition of the Rotate command?

A. It moves the graphic across the document page.

B. It resizes parts of the graphic.

C. It turns the graphic to the right or left.

D. It sets the graphic to the right margin.

Answer: C

 12. Which tool will allow to move word processing document around so that you can view different sections?

A Alignment                                   B Scroll bar

C Spell check                                  D Undo

Answer: B

 13. Which short cut key do you use to double space a paragraph?

A. Ctrl+1                                         B. Ctrl+2
C. Alt+F2                                        D. Ctrl+F2

Answer: B

 14. What is MS-Word?

A. An operating system                   B. Typing tutor software
C. Word processing software          D. A game

Answer: C

 15. What tool works best for word processing?

A. Computer                                   B. Microsoft Word
C. Typewriter                                  D. IBM electric

Answer: B

 16. What of the following provides a set of tools to create different shapes like rectangle, smiley face, etc.?

A. ClipArt                                       B. AutoShapes
C. WordArt                                     D. Chart

Answer: B

 17. What word would I use to describe the act of correcting something?

A. Whiteout                                    B. Erase
C. Correcting                                   D. Edit

Answer: D

 18. What word would I use to describe what I would have to do to correct this situation? The word should be “Fred”. It was spelled “Frd”.

A. Correct                                       B. Change
C. Insert                                          D. Add

Answer: C

 19. What is the short cut key to open the thesaurus window?

A. Ctrl+F7                                       B. F7
C. Alt+F7                                        D. Shift+F7

Answer: D

20. What word would I use to describe what I would have to do to correct this situation? The word should be “Bill”. It was spelled “Biil”.

A. Add                                            B. Typeover
C. Insert                                          D. None of the above

Answer: B

 21. If I wanted to take a paragraph from one place, and put it in to another, what word would best describes that?

A. Rotate                                         B. Relocate
C. Copy                                          D. Move

Answer: D

 22. Which toolbar should be accessed to create AutoShapes?

A. Standard                                     B. Picture
C. Drawing                                      D. WordArt

Answer: C

 23. If I wanted to take a paragraph and use it in another place also, what word would best describe that?

A. Rename                                      B. Copy
C. Delete                                         D. Move

Answer: B

 24. What is the short cut key to print preview your document?

A. Alt, f, p                                      B. Alt, e, p
C. Alt, f, v                                       D. Alt, v, p

Answer: C

 25. If I wanted to make a word stand out, what word would best describe that?

A. Standout                                     B. Delete
C. Bold                                           D. Print

Answer: C

 26. What program do I use to check my spelling?

A. SpellPro                                      B. Spellcheck
C. MS Word                                    D. There are none

Answer: B

 27. To change the small letters to the capital, select:

A. Lower case                                 B. Upper case
C. Sentence case                             D. Title case

Answer: B

 28. To change the font style of a text:

A. click font dropdown list in format toolbar and choose font

B. Click Tools menu and select Font
C. Click Format menu and select paragraph

D. Select the text and press Ctrl+b

Answer: A

 29. Which dialog box is invoked by the ctrl+k key combination?

A. break                                          B. Bookmark
C. Customize                                  D. hyperlink

Answer: D

 30. To make a column break, select:

A. Insert, break                               B. Tools, column
C. Edit, clear                                   D. Format, style

Answer: A

31. Which command do you use to subscript your text?

A. Tools, options                            B. Format, Font
C. Format, paragraph                      D. Insert, Object

Answer: B

 32. To define a page border, select:

A. File, page setup                          B. Format, paragraph
C. Format, border and shading        D. Edit, object

Answer: C

 33. To insert page number in x of y format, select:

A. Insert, page number                    B. Table, insert
C. View, headers and footers          D. Format, style

Answer: C

 34. What is the short cut key to open page setup dialog box?

A. Alt, f, p                                      B. Alt, e, p
C. Alt, f, a                                       D. Alt, f, u

Answer: D

35. An outline numbered list can have up to this many levels.

A  5                      B  8

C  9                     D 15

Answer: C

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