objective type question of Ms Access with answer


1. Which object is used to create a form?
A. Tables and Queries            B. Tables only      C. Tables and reports             D. Queries and reports
2. What determines a table’s sort order?
A. AutoNumber field              B. Index field        C. Field order                            D. Primary key
3. What is an intersection of a row and a column?
A. Form                                    B. Cursor               C. Cell                                         D. Record
4. Which tool do you use to create a query object?
A. Database wizard           B. Simple filter wizard         C. Simple query wizard  D. Table query wizard
5. What is the purpose of indexing?
A. To reduce table size     B. To speedup data search     C. both A and B                D. none of the above
6. Which is the valid data type in Access?
A. Number                         B. Text                                      C. Currency                     D. All of the above
7. How do you describe a property in MS Access?
A. a Characteristic or attribute B. a method or procedure
C. a function or expression D. a macro or module
8. How many relations exist between two tables in databases?
A. 4        B. 3        C. 2         D. 1
9. What is the full form of SQL?
A. Sophisticated Question List   B. Structured Question List     C. Structured Query Language   D. Small Query Length
10. In a datasheet, which icon appears at the left side of a record while it is being edited?
A. pencil      B. asterisk        C. selector      D. pointer
11. When editing a record, which keystroke allows you to save the changes without leaving the current record?
A. ctrl+alt        B. ctrl+enter        C. alt+enter            D. shift+enter
12. Which of the following will not reverse the last action performed?
A. choose edit, undo command            B. click undo button          C. press ctrl+x             D. press esc
13. The row selector buttons in a datasheet are located in the:
A. table selection area           B. row selection area             C. field selection area            D. record selection area
14. Which of the following is not a type of action query?
A. modify query          B. append query           C. make table query          D. delete query
15. Which query do you use to answer the question “Which employees earn more than $5000 a month”?
A. search query           B. cross tab query            C. select query           D. update query
16. An organized collection of logically related data is known as
A. Data            B. Meta data           C. Database               D. Information
17. Which of the following is a database management tool developed by Microsoft?
A. dBase                B. Access             C. Personal Oracle        D. Sybase
18. Size of a database are usually measured in terms of
A. Terabytes      B. Megabytes       C. Data bytes               D. Giga bytes
19. In databases, Locking level is also called as
A. Granularity    B. S lock                  C. X lock                     D. Dead lock
20. Which of the following is not a database application?
A. dBase              B. Flash                  C. FoxPro                  D. Access
21. HSAM stands for ____
A. Hierarchic Sequential Access Method
B. Hierarchic Standard Access Method
C. Hierarchic Sequential and Method
D. Hierarchic Standard and Method
22. Threats to data security may be ____ threats to the database.
A. Direct           B. Indirect                C. Both Direct and Indirect       D. none of these
23. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
A. Chain            B. Network              C. Tree                        D. Relational
24. Which of the following buttons does not appear in the Objects bar?
A. Programs     B. Modules               C. Forms                    D. Reports
25. Which database object do you use to display information for one record at a time?
A. Table           B. Query                    C. Form                      D. Report
26. In a datasheet, what does each column represent?
A. Record        B. Field                      C. Database                D. Table
27. In a datasheet, what does each row represent?
A. Record       B. Field                       C. Database                 D. Table
28. A ……… is a unit of information in a ………..
A. record, field   B. field, record      C. data source, field    D. record, data source
29. What do you call a primary key field included in another table?
A. Foreign key    B. Parent key     C. Child key     D. Index
30. Which type of field is incremented automatically?
A. Auto Elevate    B. AutoNumber   C. Auto Increment     D. Auto Value





Answer :

1. A       2. B      3. C     4. C        5.B    6. D        7. A        8. B         9.C      10. A       11. D     12.C

13. D    14. A    15. C    16. C    17. B    18. D       19. A      20. B      21. A      22. A      23. A     24. A

25. D   26.C        27. B       28.A     29. A     30. A

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