List in HTML

HTML has facility to create p list with the help of list tag <li> with the help of this tag .we can arrange or manage the list of our employee our member ,our item according to our requirement Lists are especially useful in web pages to draw attention to short pieces of information.

When we read the contant of  a document,we read only required information.So list provide a simple way two displaying important information.In HTML types of list are:

List are of 3 types

(1.)Bulleted List(Unordered List)

(2.)Number List(Ordered lists)

(3.)Definition List

(1.)Bulleted List(Unordered List) :-Bulleted is also non as unordered list which is used to represent set of items that are related to one another.A bulleted list begins with <UL> tag and  ends with </UL> tag.Each item in the list is marked using the <LI> tag which stands for List Item.However,it is optional to specify the closing tag </LI>.The steps for creating unorder list are:

(1.)Start with opening unordered list tag<UL>.

(2.)Enter the list items by opening tag<LI>.

(2.)Numbered List ( ordered lists):It is also non as ordered list .This tag represent the set of item in order such as step by step instruction,recipes,outlines etc.A numbered list always begins with <OL> tag and ends with </OL> tag.Each item in the list is marked using  the <LI> tag which stands for list item is as a single tag in a HTML.However is optional to  specify the</LI> tag.The steps for creating ordered list are:

(1.)Start with an opening ordered list tag<OL>.

(2.)Enter the list items by opening tag<LI> and closing tag </LI> is optional.

Order List is created in ordered way with the help of  <ol>  tag .we use an order list in our Webpage where deal with number like 1,2,3……… and a,b,c……… and A,B,C……or I,II,III…………. So, we can say that when we want to give list in sequence wise or in numbered order then we can use order list. The order list start with <OL> tag and its closing tag is </OL> tag. Each list item start with the <li> tag. Order list has two attributes. The attributes of <OL> are:

1. Type

2. Start

(1.)TYPE :-By default,the number list always starts with Arabic number 1.WE can change the TYPE to other number schemes or letters that can be placed in front of each item using TYPE attribute in the <OL> tag.It effects the whole list.The various values are:

Type attribute is used for type .types has following values

Type Attribute value Numbering Style Example
Type=”A” Uppercase A, B,C…….
Type=”a” Lowercase a,b,c……
Type=”i” Lowercase Roman i,ii,iii…….
Type=”I” Uppercase  Roman I.II.III………
Type=”1” Arabic 1,2,3……..


(2.)START :-It specifies a value from which numbering will start.The start value must be a number or a letter depending on the TYPE attributes.Start attribute is used if we want to start from another no. like from 3 no.

Example of orderList



<Title>start attribute </Title>



<ol Type=”1” start=”3”>









5 Deepak

6 Ram

7 Sham


(3.)Definition List :-Definition are used for definition  that terms with glossaries.The definition list start with <DL> and closed with </DL>.It has two part

(1.)Definition term

(2.)Definition Description.

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