Built-in ActiveX Controls in Visual Basic 6.0

ActiveX Controls :

One of the most exciting feature of Visual Basic is the ActiveX.It is the technology developed by Microsoft that defines a communication standard between applications.The ActiveX control exist as separate files with a .ocx file name extension. These include controls that are available in all editions of Visual Basic and those that are available only in the Professional and Enterprise editions (such as Listview, Toolbar, Animation, and Tabbed Dialog).

 Adding  Built-in ActiveX Controls  to the Toolbox:

1. From the Project Menu, choose Components.you can also right click on toolbox.A popup menu is open select components.

2. A component dialogbox is open .Select the Microsoft windows common controls 6.0(SP6).

3. Then click on apply button .you can see some other components like Listview,

Toolbar, Animation, and Tabbed Dialog show on your toolbox. Click on close button.Use this conrol as you want

To build an ActiveX control from scratch and compile it so that it is usable as a command button or a listbox is in other projects, you write the ActiveX Control and then compile it to an OCX file. The ocx file contains only the user controls that were part of the VB project you built it from and no extra stuff like forms or full programs

List of Built-in ActiveX Contorls:

Visual basic 6.0 offers us many built -in activex Controls of which a few are listed and briefly explained below.

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