How to start Visual Basic6.0

You start Visual Basic from the Windows start menu.

1. Start -> program-> Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 -> Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

2. Visual Basic load and appears on your screen.

3. A dialog box similar to Figure below appears as soon as you start Visual Basic.The exact dialog box you see may differ slightly depending on your version ofVB 6.0

4. This dialog box has three tab New,Exiting,Recent.If you want to create new project then click on New tab and if you want to open other project which is all ready create in you folder then click on Exiting tab,if you create recent then click on recent tab.

5. We create new project. So,we Click on new tab and choose Standard EXE.

6. After you close the dialog box, the Visual Basic screen appears.As in Figure shows.From this development environment you will create Windows programs.

7. Click the CommandButton control in the toolbox, and then place the mouse pointer over the form.

8. Control is selected, and the mouse pointer changes to crosshairs when it rests on the form. The crosshairs are designed to help you draw the rectangular shape of a command button. When you hold down the left mouse button and drag, the command button object takes The CommandButton shape and snaps to the grid formed by the intersection of dots on the form.Try creating your first command button now.

9.Move the mouse pointer close to the upper-left corner of the form, hold down the left mouse button, and then drag down and to the right. Stop dragging and release the mouse button when you have a command button similar to the one shown here:

10. Set the command button properties,Click the first command button (Command1) on the form.The command button is surrounded by selection handles.

11.The Properties window lists the settings for the Command Button. These include settings for the background color, caption, font height, and width of the command button.

12. Double-click the Caption property in the left column of the Properties window.The current Caption setting (“Command1”) is highlighted in the Properties window.

13. Type “Click me” and press Enter.The Caption property changes to “click me” in the Properties window and on the form.

14. you can also change the width, font height,background color of the command button from the properties window.

15.Now you double click on command button.A code window is can also click the code window button from the project have a code window similar to the one shown here:

16.if you clic on code window button then there is a need to select the coomand1 option from theobject window(general) and if you double click on command1 button then there is no need to select it.

17 . Write the code here as shown in figure below:

18. when you write the code ,press start button as shown in figure above or you can also press<F5> key to run the program.

19. when program is run output is:

20. Click on “click me” botton.Thenon the form “welcome in Visual basic”  is print .

21. if you want to save this project or form then select the save project option from the file menu and save it.

22.After this a dialog box is open.

23. First it save the Form and then type the file name in file name box which is form name.Then it save the type the project name in project box.

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