What is Visual Basic6.0

The Visual Basic is a event driven programmin language .The Visual part reffer to the method used to create graphical user interface.you can simply drag and drop prebuilt object/tools into form window. Visual Basic allow you to develop window based application.We set properties on these object to define  their appearence and behaviour.It support many useful tool that we help to make many anapplication .It is specially design to utilized the internet.It comes with several controls that allow youy to create web page application.It provides complete set of tools to simply Rapid Application Development(RAD).Visual basic is an ideal programmiglanguage for developing professional application for microsoft vendor. In Visual basic we can design several types of projects such as:

1. Standard Exe.

2. ActiveX control

3. ActiveX Exe.

4. ActiveX DLL(Dynamic Link Library)

5. Visual Basic application Wizard

6. Data project

7. DHTML Application

8. IIS Application

So,we can say that if we create an application in Visual Basic then it will take less time as compare to other application.It is very easy language to learn.

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