Pointer Control in Visual Basic 6.0

Pointer control is used to resize and position a control. When you’re drawing controls on a form, you don’t have to be exact. It’s very easy to make them bigger or smaller, and to put them in a different spot on the form.

1. In the Toolbox, select the Pointer tool (if it isn’t already selected).

2.On your form, select the control you want to resize.

3. Grab a sizing handle with the mouse by moving the pointer over it and then holding down the left mouse button. You know when you’re over the sizing handle because the mouse pointer turns into a double-sided arrow.

4. While holding down the mouse button, notice that a box appears . The box shows you what the size of the control will be. When it’s the right size, release the mouse button.

5. You can resize a control by dragging a sizing handle.

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