ToolTip in Visual Basic 6.0

A tool-tip is a small box that is displayed at the mouse location when  overing above the control .The tool-tip is set for a brief period of time, it provides a help prompt to the user.A tooltip is the first line of help for a confused user.An example of its use would be on an invalid entry into a form and when the user runs their mouse over control you would use a tool-tip to tell them why we use this control or about the control.

1.   Start Visual Basic and pick “Standard Exe” from the of new projects. You’ll land in the screen we saw below.

2.  Add the Coomand1 button,Checkbox1,Textbox1 and Label1 on the Form1 container.







3. Double click on  Form1 container.The code window is open.Write code here.






4. When you write the code and type command1 and type the dot(Command1.) a popup menu is open select the tooltip option from the popup menu as shown in figure:








5. Press <f5> key to  run the program and when you point out  the cursur on the button  to see what happens.

6. A tooltip is shown :

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